“A dream is a wish your heart makes”

“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep.”

Such a magical song, right?  It actually is like a super sad sounding song, but that’s beside my point here.

This song is pretty false if you ask me. I think if this were true, dreams would be much easier to manage. Perhaps if this were true, dreams would be easier to let go of.  Maybe they would be easier to wait for.  Maybe they would be easier to grab onto.

A dream is a goal or a vision or a hope for your future. Dreams are buried deep inside a person, like a secret seed ready to sprout at any moment. Dreams are attached to emotions of all kinds. They stir excitement, fear, love, anxiety, and hope.

Sometimes dreams are suppressed, pushed so far down that they are forgotten. Some dreams are unknown to everyone but the dreamer. Some dreams seem to be bursting out of your eyeballs causing you to lose focus on any task at hand.  Some dreams are unrealized until your heart suddenly aches as you watch them go by or even fall apart.

Sometimes our actions affect our dreams coming true. Sometimes our dreams seem to be flooded out by life’s happenings and stresses and responsibilities. Sometimes consequences of our actions have a way crushing our dreams.  Sometimes it is someone else’s actions.  Sometimes, still, it’s just life.

How can we possibly dream these dreams and continue to live in the present?  Sometimes this feels like a weighty endeavor. Any swing of the pendulum, forgotten or obsessed, is dangerous. There is no doubt that our dreams are important.  They help make us who we are deep down.  They help us get to where we need to go.  They motivate us to action. They reveal our passions and desires.

I am just going to be totally honest. I have no perfect answers for the balance of dreaming, but I have learned some things along the way in my pursuit of my dreams.

All I know is that God created us.  He made us with passions and desires.  He created us with the ability to dream. The time before a dream comes to fruition is not time wasted. In fact it may be the very time God wants to use to help teach you and mold you before your dream can become a reality. It may be that without this time, you might just fall apart in the weight of your dream. We shouldn’t settle during this time in comfort or laziness. We should burn with passion all the more, ready to serve God in the place we are in.

I am certain that Satan wants you to neglect your dreams, especially when you know they are from God. He wants you to continue to make excuses. He wants you to feel paralyzed in your dreams. He wants you to keep suppressing that burning feeling deep within you. He wants your dream to stay in the dark. He wants you to say you will start “that” tomorrow. He wants you to give up, and he also wants you to give in.

I am also certain that Satan wants you to become obsessed with your dream. He wants you to focus only on your dream. He wants you to be defined by your dream. He wants you to exalt yourself and your accomplishments in your dream. He wants your dreams to be shallow and selfish. And he wants you to be totally crippled when something short of your dream plays out.

God can be and should be glorified, whether you are or you aren’t “living out your dream.”

When it comes down to it, life isn’t about your dreams. Life isn’t about you failing at your dreams, being successful in your dreams, or about how another person’s life looks like compared to yours.

Praise God that our worth is not in our dreams being reached!

With the Lord as your strength, you will make it through the day and every day leading to your dream.

With the Lord as your strength, you will have safe arms to fall into when your dream, maybe even every single one of your dreams, falls apart before your very eyes.

With the Lord as your strength, you will realize dreams you didn’t know were buried deep within you.

Though we long for our dreams to come quickly and to come “true”, we cannot let our longing for our dreams take hold of us so that we are no longer controlled by the Spirit of God. No dream is worth forsaking our Father.

No dream has been thought that God doesn’t know. Our focus should not be on our dream alone, but on our Creator who gave us the ability to dream.

May we feel the freedom to dream, but also feel His grace when our dreams seem to be out of reach.

May we seek and feel His healing for broken dreams that haunt our days.

May we seek his wisdom so that we may walk in his light.

May we rejoice in the Lord, no matter the season.

May we pray that our dreams are a reflection of God’s heart.

May you allow light into your dream. Tell God. And tell a friend.

May we take the next step where God desires for us to go.

May we encourage others in their pursuit of their dreams.

May we have the eyes to see when the pursuit of dreams is crushing everyone in its path.

May your hope not lie in your dreams, but in the LORD “for with the LORD is unfailing love, and with him is full redemption.” Psalm 130:7

May you receive his blessings wherever you may be in dreaming. He is the prize, no matter the outcome.


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