A Teacher’s “Wish”list

Paper towels, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, and tissues are my top needs on my teacher wishlist.  But I thought of a few other things to add to my wishlist this year, except they are more prayers and hopes.

I pray…

my kids get the food and sleep that they need to be healthy so that they can learn.

for all parents as they send their babies to school.  Comfort them and give them strength as their children grow and change.  Give them the wisdom to do what is best for their child, especially when it is hard.

my kids’ parents know that I am always for their child and never against them, even when they get in trouble or I tell them a concern I have.  Help me to speak with grace.

for unity in my classroom as we grow together.

for deliverance for those students who are hurting or neglected or abused.  Please give me the eyes to see it, Father.

for us as a classroom family to laugh with one another often and deeply.  

for my kids to feel more confident in their hard subject.

for my kids to feel loved and safe in my classroom and in our school.

for my kids to cheer for and lift up each other.

for us as teachers to stay focused on what is really important in education- the kids.

for ANY decision-maker in ANY line that affects public education.  Protect us, Father.

for all students that are mentally or emotionally unstable, who are scared or feel as if they are in danger.  Deliver them, Father.  Send them a helper who they learn to trust and talk to.

for all students who feel marginalized or lonely.  Show them a friend, Father.

that educators will have the wisdom to know when to leave work at work, when to say no to late nights at school, and how to take care of themselves to prevent burnout.

that we will have the courage to act lovingly and graciously in the most trying moments of our days.

for eyes and hearts to be open to you, Father.  You are our Healer and Sustainer.  You are our Deliverer and our Hope.


“Prayer” has been the word that has come to my mind more than any other as I start this new school year, and rightly so.  It has been resounding and clear.  I plan on revisiting this list myself as the year progresses.

How we need our Father.  He is most assuredly our only Hope.


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