Stepping onto the Battlefield

Well, dearest teachers, it is that time!  I almost didn’t write to us because I wanted to cop out and repost last year’s back to school post, but I learned I had something different to say.

The other day I was at a store that was really quiet, and I could over hear this young woman talking to these 2 high school graduates.  These girls were getting ready to go off to college, and so the typical questions began, “Where are you going? What is your major? Oh, you’re undecided? That’s okay…”  The lady continued as she said, “Ya know teaching is always a good thing to have as a back up plan.  I have some friends that are teachers, and they get to have the summers off with their kids, and that would just be awesome.  Always keep that in the back of your mind.”  Lauren keeps “shopping.”  She breaths in and out.  She pretends like she is not listening.  End Scene.

Is that the job we have?  “The back-up job”  The one where you can’t think of what else to do, so teaching 20-30 (or more) children or adolescents is a good idea… HECK. NO.  We all know that.  And I will stop there on that soap box.

But, to tell you the truth,  I forget that sometimes. Not because I believe I chose the “back up” but because Satan wants me to forget the power I have in this world today.  He wants me to show up and let the day happen to me.  Did you hear that?  Satan wants you to forget the power that you have!

Teacher, your job is important.  In fact, it is paramount to the function of society.  Show up and show the world who God is and who God made you to be.  He made you to be a teacher.  The very Spirit of THE Living God is in you.  Step onto the battlefield with boldness and do what God created you to do: to teach, to love, welcome, create, coach, lead, encourage, discipline, inspire, reach, facilitate, and watch beauty that unfolds in the goodness of our Savior.  I mean, we all know it’s not roses all the time, or really ever LOL. BUT I do believe we were put here to create and SEE beauty in chaos.  When there is chaos, search for beauty.

So strap up! Finish up! Take your last few mornings with less chaos and enjoy them. Search for beauty.  Breathe in the grace of God, and breathe out his praise.

Step onto the battlefield.

And do that crazy thing God has called you to do:

Be a teacher.