And Let There be Water!

For about the past week, my family has been living in an interesting way.  We found out last week that we had a severe leak in our water line.  The plumber said if we didn’t keep our water off, our house’s foundation would be ruined.  This would take some time to complete because cable, phone, gas, and santa claus had to come by and mark their lines so there would be no further damage to other things running underground.  That alone took a few days.  So we have kept the water off.

I don’t know if you have ever had to do this before, but man are my eyes opened. At first, I thought “Oh no big deal”…  until I got something on my hands, and I needed to wash them and I couldn’t; until I wanted to take a shower, but had to wait until dad got home so he could turn on the water; until I was thirsty and went to the faucet for some water and nothing came out. We would turn on the water for very short times throughout the day so mom could wash a few loads of laundry, everyone could take showers, we could flush toilets, and wash dishes.  I didn’t realize how easy I had it until all of a sudden simple things became so hard and such a challenge.  Some things weren’t possible at all.  We had to be very sensitive towards the issue because it could cause serious problems down the road.  Now, I have been to countries before where clean water is hard to access and is precious.  I have experienced that before, but experiencing it in my own home in everyday life was a totally different experience for me.

I learned how many gallons it takes to fill up a toilet.

I learned how much water it takes to wash your hands, wash your face, etc.

I learned that I take water for granted, and not only that, but how easily it is accessed in my home.  Clean water comes straight to my house… My mind is blown… like wow.

I learned how much I waste water; showers, leaving water running while brushing teeth, washing hands, shaving, washing dishes…

I imagined living like this for a long time.

I imagined having to go to a well to get my water in my own neighborhood.

I imagined having no water at all.

I imagined having dirty water.

Can you imagine these things for your family?  How might that effect your family?

I have pondered the water issue across the world many different times in my life and even thought about things I can do to change it, but this time it hits a little differently.  I sit in my home this afternoon, and I have water.  It is repaired.  It is back to normal.  And I am so thankful, but oh how God has changed my perspective.  For that, I am rejoicing in his grace.